Amnesia Haze (fem)

Amnesia Haze (fem)


  • Sativa-dominant strain for energy and creativity
  • Produces a high yield
  • Has an exceptional taste with a hint of lemon

The Amnesia Haze strain of cannabis is the perfect blend of earthy flavors. Start your day with the taste of citrusy lemons and an uplifting…



Amnesia Haze brings users earthy flavors combined with lemons and citrus. The taste is exceptional, with a hint of lemony sweetness left on your tongue and lips. Its citrus undertones are both enticing and mouth-watering.

The scent of this cannabis strain is extremely pleasant. With each puff, the air is filled with the sweet and sourness of fresh lemons. This is a great strain to help you start the day off with a smile.

For a big high that won’t put you to bed, try the lemony, citrusy, earthy flavors of Amnesia Haze. Experience the energetic high of a sativa-dominant strain of cannabis, while keeping your creative mind intact.


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